Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Safari Supper was a great success - 54 people travelled around the village for three courses and met different people at teach venue. We finished up in our lovely new All Saints Community Hall in support of which the supper was organised. We made about £450 which was pretty good - AND we all had a good time, finishing up in the hall for cheese and coffee.

On Monday George went into Addenbrookes for a procedure to put his heart back into rythm - they stopeped his heart and then restarted it (just the way they do on Holby City!) and he has two nice big paddle shaped burns to prove it. Thank the Lord it worked and his heart is now beating nicely in rythm.

On Tuesday we had the Rotary handover to the new President - a nice dinner amongst friends, and on Wednesday it was my birthday and I went out to lunch with some ladies from the church and then my lovely neighbour Brenda cooked a meal for us in the evening. Lots of lovely cards from friends so I had a really nice day. And DD2 (dirty daughter two) came round with a present of a delightful stone hare which she craftily bought when we were in Cornwall in May.

Thursday brought the U3A embroidery class always held in my house and in the evening a meeting of the Almshouse Trustees - we are going to have to find the finance for a new roof!

Friday brought a morning working with the church ladies making items for the November Bazaar and a Tesco run during the thunderstorm. Today I did a 3 1/2 hour stint stewarding at the Launch for the Open Studios in July - in the midst of all this activity I am trying to get things finished for Open Studios! I must be mad.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I am very frustrated with this blogging lark - and I have only been doing it for two days! Perhaps I should find an expert to talk to! Maybe my 12 year old grandson..... I want to add Fan my Flame to my list of blogs I follow, but the computer says 'no' the http is not right. Well, I shall persevere, but not tonight. I have been chasing around all day organising a Safari Supper in our village in aid of the Church Hall, a nightmare making sure that at each venue people do not bump into each other. Well, at last it is done so roll on Saturday.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

How did I do that?

All I wanted to do was add a comment to a friend's blog - and I find myself with a blogsite! How did that happen? What do I do now?
I think I shall go and lie down in a darkened room.