Monday, 26 October 2009

Wearing Purple

Last Saturday we were going out to dinner so I did not have any cooking to do and spent the afternoon machining this little lady. We have been invited to a 'red hat' party for a friend's 70th birthday in November and this is to be a surprise for her. I am pretty certain she does not read my blogs! This is how she finished up - she reminds me of someone! I really wanted a vibrant purple for the suit but couldn't seem to get it mixing the colours I have! But it is roughly purple. She is about 10 " tall. I have yet to buy something purple to wear at this party (I am not really a mauve person) - but I believe it is the 'in' colour so it shouldn't be too difficult. I shall make a red hat and probably look ridiculous - but that is what it is all about.
Meanwhile, this is the noxious brew - or Lockshun as George calls it. It is bubbling away nicely
but it is right up against the big bookcase in the conservatory so I do hope that nothing explodes. George keeps on going in and bending over it and chuckling and the other George keeps popping over to inspect it - it is much loved!
I am much happier with my damson vodka in the kitchen which I keep shaking and sniffing, I think there is a much better chance of me drinking that than the above. That reminds me of Danny Kaye (with whom I appeared once as a very young girl - but that is another story) -
'the vessel with the pestle is the chalice from the palace - but the flagon with the dragon is the brew that is true'


  1. Danny Kaye was so charismatic and was my uncle's favourite actor. How thrilling that you appeared with him? Was it in a film Mavis?

    That purple lady is wonderful. Is she inspired by that fabulous poem?

  2. Danny Kaye?... as well as being a bluebell girl ;)
    You are full of surprises Mavis... and of course now we want to know the story!
    Lovely purple lady in a red hat... what a great theme for a party.