Monday, 30 November 2009

The grapes of wrath

Yesterday we had another formal testing of the wine - the Man from Delmonte he say it need yet more sugar! Also, sitting in our hallway is not warm enough so the demijohns are now in our boiler cupboard and by the radiator in George's bathroom. Most sensible people go and buy their wine in an off license or at the supermarket - why, oh why can't I? It looks murky and bubbles in a really sinistser manner but the male elements of this venture are convinced that it is going to be a success and are talking of a production run of about 24 bottles!
Meanwhile the sloe gin and damson vodka (my little bit of alchohol production) is going along nicely with just a daily shake of the bottles.
George and I went to Blackthorpe Barn at Rougham on Saturday - what a lovely selection of excellent craft work. There were so many things I would have liked to buy and I had lots of interesting talks with stallholders. One woman had made some stunning patchwork cushions with appliqued circles and squares, jewel-like and glowing - I wonder if it was one of our fellow bloggers in East Anglia? Unfortunately (or fortunately for her) she was very busy selling and I missed the opportunity to talk to her. It was good to see Jenny, the daughter of my friend Pam A-K , there with her recycled art - I have one of her naive angel pictures from way back when she first started selling. I did some Christmas shopping and we had a very nice afternoon tea, scones and jam - delicious - I have begun to feel that Christmas is on its way.


  1. Oooh, the lady with the cusions - I wonder if she's the same one who has pieces in the Riverslade Craft Gallery in Saffron Walden? I always covet them.

  2. PS I remember brewing in the airing cupboard and the wardrobes when I was a student ...

  3. The wine is looking ominous!I think the cushion lady might be Lin Patterson?