Saturday, 5 December 2009

Wearing Purple - Party time

Well, I told you you would see me coming ! I had some very strange looks as we walked across Cambridge to the University Centre today, with my bright purple tights and red shoes, not to mention the red hat! The beaded handbag I got at the Church Bazaar last week for 50p - I thought it was worth that for the beads alone, but it was a very eccentric addition to my outfit.

We had a nice lunch at my friend's 70th birthday party - I had been asked to read a VERY long piece about growing older and seeing this other woman in the mirror who wasn't you at all, but looked suspiciously like you. It went down very well - largely because most of us there knew the feeling only too well of glimpsing an elderly lady in a shop window and realising that it IS YOU!. At the end gave her the picture of the plump lady in purple which I stitched a few weeks ago and I think she was pleased with it. Practically all the guests had made the effort to dress up and the whole thing was great fun.

We have just got home and George has made me a nice cup of tea and we will sit with our feet up & look at the papers before going off to a party this evening with our local MP Andrew Landsley. I shall NOT be wearing red and purple!
(Actually, the really scary thing is that I quite like the purple tights.....)


  1. You look fabulous! Lovely picture of you on the ERTF blog too!

  2. Dear Mavis,
    I arrived via Gina and I must tell you that your blog is a tonic to read - so full of energy and joie de vivre. Thank you!

  3. Hello Mavis - you look fab in that outfit!
    Thank you for the lovely comments you've added to my blog - I often pop over to read yours but due to a technical hitch (which can be solved by spending a lot of money!!!) I can only comment on yours from our laptop and not my studio computer! One day I'll get it all fixed...

    BTW the felt hat is wonderful!

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  5. I have no idea what the above is all about and I rather suspect that I really do NOT want to know.

  6. Mavis you look STUNNING. Your outfit is even better than I had imagined. Thyanks so much for telling me all about it - it's fabulous to see the real thing!

  7. Love that outfit, I have made a doll dressed just like that for one of my friends and gave her the poem as well.
    Do you have a MESCH blog, as I want to put a link on my blog?

  8. No, Sharne, we do not have a MESCH blog or website as yet - we are only just a year old and feeling our way! In fact, I think I am right in saying I am the only member to have a blog spot. You'll have to get the news from me! Have a nice Christmas - Mavis