Monday, 19 April 2010

Into the Hop Gardens

Today we travelled down into deepest Kent to visit Aunty Win in Faversham. She had coffee and toasted teacakes waiting as she is certain that we will be starving after the 1 1/2 hour journey from Cambridge. Later we drove to The George at Newnham for lunch where I had some delicious fish and then we went back into Faversham and had a little poke around down by the quay.   Of course, it was a lovely day so everything looked at its best.  Can you imagine the  wonderful views from the top of this house? 
There was an interesting old building with lots of bric-a-brac booths selling all the things your mother threw out twenty years ago or more.  Please note the trendy knitted muffins !
I nearly bought a 1930's dolls pram for £40 but common sense prevailed .
These are the hop gardens near Win's house - hop GARDENS, you note, not fields.  Win was reminiscing about the days when whole families of  Londoners came out in charabancs to pick the hops and stayed in tents or huts - this was their summer holiday.  The  area  is now a housing estate.  The George, where we had lunch, has bunches of hops all over the ceiling and they smell lovely, very soporific.  A pillow filled with hops ensures a good night's sleep.  I looked in vain for the carpets of bluebells I remember from childhood but apparently we were two weeks too early!
We found some horsey friends
We were also too early for the apple blossom but the countryside did look lovely, fresh and green and full of blossom.  And I do like the Kentish houses with their pantiles and shipboarding (or is it clapboarding?) it is all very picturesque.   George did a few little jobs for Win before we set off for home about five o'clock.   We don't see her more than 4 or 5 times a year nowadays, but I speak to her on the telephone every Sunday morning at 8.30! She will be 90 in November, she keeps on reminding me !
Meanwhile, back in the real world, DD2 went to a Jazzercise conference last week and  is stuck in New Orleans - a victim of the volcanic ash.  I can think of worse places to be stuck! 

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