Monday, 13 September 2010

Going Nuts again

Once again we have a super-abundancy of nuts.  I can't believe it is a year since I wrote about collecting the nuts from my garden, but here I am again, happily collecting up the fat little bodies - this is yesterday's haul...

Aren't they beautiful?   As fast as I walk along picking up the nuts I hear a gentle plop behind me and know that if I turn round and walk back the grass will be strewn with even more.  And if you are thinking I ought to be leaving them for the dear little grey treerats with big tails and good P.R. (squirrels) well, I cannot get easily behind the trees and don't scrabble in the undergrowth, so I reckon there is still plenty of food left for them.  Anyway, stupid creatures just bury them all over my garden and then forget where they have put them and dig up my bulbs!  You will gather I am not over fond of squirrels.

When I take the husks off, this reminds me of the vinyl floor covering I had  years ago which looked like a pebbly beach!   Incidentally,anyone who lives near me and wants little nut trees - well, I dig them out by the score!

I have also made MORE bramble jelly. This time I squeezed the jelly bag!  I hope my mother wasn't watching from above, but I don't think with blackberry jelly you are aiming for a clear translucent W.I. prize winner and I am happy to have a cloudy jelly and more of it - especially the way senior grandson eats it! 
  I have fitted in  some sewing - a friend asked me to do a picture for a neighbour who is having a significant birthday and is a keen bowler.   I think I can show the picture in advance of the birthday as I am pretty sure she is not a blog reader!

Anyway, it was quite fun to do although anatomically I don't think she works !


  1. We have nuts on the way too though our tree isn't quite as generoius as yours. Either that, or our squirrels have got there first!

  2. Well, we have nut trees... two walnut trees, a cobnut and a filbert. And there's a huge hazel that overhangs our garden from a neighbouring garden.

    The squirrels stripped the lot weeks ago!!!!!

    You are so so lucky.


  3. You weren't kidding when you said you had lots of nuts! The squirrels always seem to get to our walnuts first