Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Down to work

I have been working !
These are the tail feathers of my cockerel - I must admit I started him ages ago but then ran out of steam.  He is now finished and ready to be framed, as is

The Wood Gatherer.  I am only showing small details because I want to save thm for the forthcoming MESCH exhibition at The Tavern Gallery in Meldreth.  This starts at the end of April and I still have more to do.
Work this one out!   I turned it before I selected it and on the way from there to here it has turned itself round.  Why?  Anyway, it makes it more interesting - it is a sideways-on Flamenco dancer, one  of three, and I have really enjoyed doing them.  It is a very messy process, with loads of scraps of fabric flying about, but very therapeutic and with all the dreadful news coming in from Japan it has been a relief to submerge myself in colour and stitch.
The last time I wrote I mentioned my great, great, great grandfather Lucking Capper Tavener and was  excited beyond measure to receive a comment from a very nice lady  who said she also had him in her family tree!   What an extraordinary coincidence.  I don't know whether she  is a reader of my blog or whether her system is more sophisticated than mine and maybe she has a flag that pops up whenever Lucking Capper Tavener is mentioned in cyberspace!  Do please make contact again - I did send an email.  Maybe I should also mention Titus Angus (born 1760) on my father's side - who knows, I might get my complete family tree sorted.

We had a meeting of our Book Group this afternoon, here at my house as it was my book choice.  It was The Help by Kathryn Stockett - a fabulous book.  I was pleased that we all enjoyed reading it - I first heard it being read on Radio Four as a Book of the Week.  It is all about the black maids in Jackson, Mississippi in the early sixties and is absolutely fascinating.  I have been to Jackson and could imagine the atmosphere.  Next book is Madame Bovary, I last read that when I was about 18, a complete change of time and pace.  I cannot wait to get started.....

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