Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I have been really busy since I last wrote - not that it matters, really, as I do not have any followers! I have had my 12 year old grandson Jeremy staying with me and I have also done two of three Open Studio weekends. Marian Murphy came to cast her expert eye over my
'studio' and then came and spent a couple of hours with me on the first morning, I was so grateful as I was quite nervous. Jeremy was in his element ushering people around and making sure they went through the gate in the fence to my next door neighbour George Meliniotis to see his paintings. Gina Ferrari visited me, as did Margaret Starr, Brenda O'Carroll and Lizanne van Essen - I was delighted to see them all. Marian had suggested I had a Visitor's Book and some really nice comments have been written. We have had quite a lot of visitors, I think it helps having two studios at the same location. One weekend to go - I just hope the weather is better as the bunting (lent by Marian) is looking somewhat bedraggled and I may have to make her some more! Heaven forbid. The little chap on the left is the White Rabbit of course, another in my Alice series.
I have just interviewed an elderly couple in the village for a 'profile' for the village Magazine, typed it up and sent it off to the editor and this evening there is a meeting of the Trustees of the Almshouses, so more typing up tomorrow. If it were not for all these other activities I could get on with some stitching! Jeremy has gone back home now and I do miss him, although I don't miss the constant feeding, I am amazed how much a 12 year old can eat - and remain skinny! It's SO unfair.


  1. I follow you Mavis! Your open studio was lovely - hope you have lots more visitors this weekend.

  2. Well, I found you! Thanks for your lovely email. So sorry to have missed your open studio. I presume you're nearby -perhaps we could meet with Gina for a cuppa one day. Is there a swite with images of your work somewhere?
    Emma x