Sunday, 26 July 2009

Open Studios -whew, it is over! Three weekends of Cambridge Open Studios - it has been quite an experience. I have had wonderful support from my friends and neighbours and fellow textile artists, the weather could have been better some days but just look how lovely my garden looked from my studio today!!! I have to confess that I have been as delighted with the compliments about my garden as I have with the nice things people have said about my work! Especially as, having had an operation on my knee last month, I have not been able to do any real work in the garden so it is looking very 'cottagey'.

My neighbour George (not to be confused with husband George) has also enjoyed the OS experience but we both confess to being exhausted. Being on your best behaviour from 11 until 6, and saying virtually the same things to every visitor is quite tiring but the combination of the two studios together has worked really well. This is George's lovely wife Brenda standing in my garden - the instructions to visitors were to 'follow the bunting' which led across the garden beyond the summerhouse to the gate between our gardens. Will we do it again? Well at the moment I don't know, but maybe when the time comes to sign up again we shall be more enthusiastic! Now I am going to fall into bed because tomorrow I MUST tidy everything up and do some very necessary housework.


  1. Congratulations! Open Studios is fun but surprisingly hard work!

    I took a year off from taking part this year, the intention was to visit lots of studios I always miss because mine is open - I went to one! and then WHOOOSH!!! July was over (well almost).

    For everyone who (like me) missed out on visiting, have you photos of your work on display to share with us?

    Best wishes

  2. How exciting to see images of your studio and to hear about the experience - it sounds like an exciting one. I shall be opening my studio next year so I may be emailing you for tips and pitfalls. By the way, I think cottagey gardens are the best kind x