Monday, 3 August 2009

I cannot let that Gina think she is the only Domestic Goddess in the area - I, too, slaved over a hot stove yesterday and made some Plum Chutney which is going to be delumptious with cheese or anything else, really. George loves chutney, especially home made. The other picture is a collage which I called Aubade and which I have just sold following on Open Studios. It was one of a set of six musical pieces, all gone now except the last one Nocturne, with a violin stitched on Romeo. I just had the presence of mind to take a photograph of this before it went. I must learn how to edit the pictures! All this technology, I could do with young Jeremy here.
But Jeremy rang this evening from their holiday home in Northumberland to say that he came off his bike yesterday and finished up in hospital with stitches in both arms, badly grazed legs and lots of bruises. Both arms are in bandages although nothing is broken. He is feeling very sorry for himself! Fortunately he was out for a bike ride with elder brother William who is 18. William immediately rang for mother who used to be a nurse, so I daresay she was very calm and competent. Isn't it funny to think that last night we were having supper with DD2 in Shelford whilst DD1 was in A&E with Jeremy and I did not have any inkling that anything was wrong. Is my antenna losing it's touch?
My beloved Bernina is coming back on Thursday, it had to have a new circuit board - £192 !!! Ouch. Mr. Woods said the damage could have been caused by me using the wrong bobbin - so BEWARE! Only use bobbins with 7 holes, not 9, or it could be an expensive mistake. Good job I sold Aubade but what a shame the person did not buy the pair!
I have just finished Sebastian Faulks 'Engleby' ready for discussion at the Book Club next week - what a strange story! I enjoyed the fact that it was set in Cambridge but not much else, a dark tale and quite sad.
Well, more rain tomorrow we are told. Heigh ho.


  1. The chutney looks fabulous. It's something I don't make too often as no-one else eats it in my house although I think there could be some green tomato chutney this year. Get better soon wishes to your grandson.

  2. Oh lovely lovely - well done on making chutney. I have so many intentions to make such things and never manage it. Maybe when the little ones get a bit older...