Friday, 14 August 2009

Night time visitor

I have been doing some more work on the Indian ladies - the tricky bit now is to get them sewn on to the background. I am quite pleased with the way it is going so far and I do hope that my prospective purchaser will still like it when it is finished! I really want to get them finished as we (MESCH) have an exhibition coming up at Art Van Go in Knebworth and I would like to get some more work done for that. MESCH is the new group formed by the five artists who left Small CHAT last year - Marian Murphy, Liz Evans, Margaret Starr, Vanda Campbell and me - the H at the end.

When I went to bed last night I turned down the bedspread and went to have my bath. When I came back into the bedroom there was the biggest, blackest spider you can imagine on the bed!!! I know that if you wish to live and thrive you let a spider run alive, and I would never kill one, but this was a bit beyond me so I had to call for George. Now HE normally picks them up in his hand and puts them outside, but this one he approached with a glass and an envelope!
Of course, I spent most of the night imagining him (the spider, not George) trying to get back into the house and back into my bed. What is more, I bet he has a wife and six children behind the headboard.
On the bright side, I picked three big ripe figs off the tree today plus a load of beans, apples and tomatoes. The pears are still very hard and the greengages have been overcome by wasps. Now I am a good (well, trying to be) Christian but I am sure that wasps are proof positive that God is a man. No woman would have created wasps, ants, slugs, snails, snakes or woodlice. Furthermore, a female God would have made sure it only rained at night thereby ensuring that washing got dry during the day and garden parties did not get spoiled. Ergo, God is a man - I am happy with that.
But I am not happy with this spider lurking about!


  1. I've struggled to look at thsi post Mavis... I'm absolutely petrified of spiders and even photos of them make me feel quite unwell! looking forward to seeing your exhibition!

  2. Hello! just arrived here from Gina's. I think god is a sadist - why invent something which seems to have no other purpose than to be spitefull - the wasp. I can deal with all the other creepy crawlies as I can see their (useful) contribution to life!