Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Indian summer - a little early

Ugh - it has been so hot and sticky today, I think we should have a storm. I had a glorious massage this morning and smell deliciously of rose oil! What decadence! The trouble was, it made me feel very lethargic so I had a little doze after lunch - well, that is one of the benefits of being retired.

Then I decided I had better get cracking. On the first morning of Open Studios, a lovely Dutch lady walked in and fell in love with a big piece of W.I.P which I had put up at the last moment to hide the back of my sitting room curtains. It was very rough, all pins and loose bits of cloth but she wants it, bless her. So for the last week I have been working on it, I am anxious to get it finished especially with my Bernina repair bill hanging over me.

Today I have been working on the water pots, the background (below) is more or less done but the pots are very fiddly. I have made a lovely mess but my dear husband is very tolerant (he has just brought my Campari in to the computer so he is a real poppet) So I suppose I had better go and cook him a meal - my favouritest dish in the whole wide world - chicken risotto! Do you think I can serve runner beans with it instead of salad? I am over- run with them.

DD1 is on her way beck to Market Drayton with her family plus cat and dog and wounded Jeremy - next big milestone is William's A level results. DD2 has just phoned to suggest we have a day out in France to stock up on various necessities so I shall really look forward to that - she is a serious shopper, just like me! The only trouble is she is so slim and looks marvellous in everything she tries on and I still think I am 35 and want to wear the same things, but I can't!

Off to be a domestic goddess.

Eventually the ladies will be put on here - watch this space.

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  1. What about runner beans IN the risotto. Either way is yummy! Lovely work - I'd love to see the finished piece Mavis x