Thursday, 20 August 2009

'A' level results

Terrific news at 8.30 this morning - grandson William got three straight A's in Physics, Maths and Economics - we are so delighted and proud of him! So he will be going off to Birmingham to do a four year Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Now I just wonder where he gets all those brains from? I have to confess he only got a B in Geography which he was a bit upset about but I told him 'Who needs Geography? You can get around with a sat- nav!' Poor Jeremy still suffering with his arms, the wounds are infected and they have to take the scabs off every time they form - Ugh! Good job mother is an ex nurse.

And just look at my beautiful blackberries!
This is what we laughingly call the 'upper lawn' because it sounds very grand - or sometimes the 'orchard' because there are two apple trees and the fig tree there! The blackberry
is thornless so it doesn't attack you as you go through and there is a clematis climbing over it which was in bloom earlier in the year. I like the way the arch frames the thatched cottage behind us in Rose Lane. I tried growing roses over the arch but they just would not flourish.

When I was looking at the blackberries (and eating a few, I must admit) I saw something which I had never seen before in all my many years . A mummy and baby ladybird! The baby is SO tiny, I tried to take a photo of them but they were both moving so fast - can you see the little one? It was really cute. They were snuggled up together when I saw them and I felt quite guilty

disturbing them! Off to roll the pastry out now for the Rotary Wives' quiche.


  1. Congratulations William! Three 'A's are fantastic results! And Birmingham is an excellent choice for engineering... I know because I'm an ex Brummie graduate... not in engineering I might add although I did go out with one or two engineers! I was going to pick wild blackberries today but I seem to have run out of time. Enjoy your Rotary wives supper!

  2. When is your exhibition at Art Van Go? I'm going to Birmingham, not to Uni, but to the FOQ on Saturday.
    Congratulations to William.

  3. Come to you from Gina - loved your little backview picture. I haven't read your blog yet but will come back later - my bath's getting cold.

  4. Right. I'm all clean and nice [as I can be] now and have been back and read ALL the entries. I'd like to see some more of your work; hopefully, when you get the hang of it [you do eventually - look at my blog and see although it's still 'not quite right'] you'll be putting on more of your embroideries. From the photo you look like a very nice lady and I don't think that Gina would recommend you if you weren't!