Friday, 21 August 2009

Domestic Goddess

I am on a roll here, but I promise I will not blog again until Monday! Where does the day go? This morning we took the curtains down and cleared the bay window ready for the man to come and fit the new blind. He still has not arrived! I have left several messages on his mobile phone - bother him. Stuff all over the coffee table and furniture pushed into the middle of the room!
Then I went shopping and whilst I was gone George helpfully peeled a HUGE bag of apples for me so after lunch I was duty bound to make CHUTNEY. I have just finished that task, another day with no sewing done, no housework done and I still haven't typed up the Almshouse Minutes Perhaps, you might say, I could be doing just that instead of typing this!!! Quite right, but not so much fun...
. This evening we are going to play cards with some friends We do it about once a month, with two other couples and we just have a simple meal first - I've been told tonight it is bangers and mash. George will love that, but I am not at all keen! The whole of the weekend is taken up with entertaining and visiting and church, I am exhausted at the thought - bring on Monday.

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  1. Enjoy your weekend Mavis. Marian and I are off to a boring committee meeting in Chelmsford this morning! Very impressed by your chutney.