Sunday, 30 August 2009

The start of Autumn?

I can hardly believe it but, yes, here we are on 30th August with a FIRE! How cosy. I love it, the smell of woodsmoke is just delicious.
We have just come back from the second fabulous party in two days - yesterday in the next village, a drinks party with gorgeous nibbles and today at a friend's 80th birthday celebration, another lovely occasion with lots of our best village friends and other people to meet as well. The same caterers did the food for both occasions, only more of it today as it was a lunch party. The weather was kind until about 4.30 when we were walking home and it started to spit with rain. We must have looked odd walking down the High Street in our party finery (George looking particularly dashing in his Henley blazer and a battered sun hat) clutching bottles of beer! Not as bad as it sounds - they had had special labels printed for the birthday boy and we brought a couple of bottles away as souvenirs.

When we got home I must confess we had a little nap - yes I know, sewing to be done but it is hard to concentrate after a glass of wine or eight, and then I felt chilly so George lit the fire for me. Sign of things to come as we go into September next week.

We had some friends in for drinks during the week and we had ....

QUAILS EGGS - one of my favourites, with rock salt and pepper to dip them in - scrummy. They looked so pretty I had to take a photograph - they are pesky little things to peel, though.I just wanted to photograph the fire as I don't think we have ever done that on August Bank Holiday Sunday before, and now I am going to go and sit and enjoy it with a glass of Campari. I rather think I have gone over my limit this weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful end to a lovely day.