Friday, 4 September 2009

Autumn bounty

I was inspired by the sight of Silver Pebble's lovely silver hare to show you mine! Not a precious one (except to me, 'cos DD2 gave it to me for my birthday and she bought it at an Open Studio we visited in Cornwall this year). It is looking surprised because this strong wind which we have at the moment is knocking all the hazelnuts off the trees. I walk round the garden picking them up and by the time I get to the end of the nut trees and turn around, there is another load on the grass. There is a good crop this year. I like to chop a few up and put them in my porage - yummmy - it will soon be porage time again!
George was out lunching with the great and the good again today (he had lunch with Jesus on Tuesday, well, AT Jesus to be precise) and today he was at the grand opening of the David Rayner Cancer Care centre at Scotsdales Nursery. The Duchess of Gloucester did the formal opening and

apparently she spoke to just about everyone present. The land on which the centre is built was given by David Rayner of Scotsdales and it is indeed a lovely building and very well used already.
So I had a solitary lunch with the D.T crossword and this beautiful apple from our cordon trees. It is so pretty, when it is cut the flesh is pink and scented and very sweet. I would have to look up the original planting to tell you what it is called - I should just do that for my own sake. We planted the cordons when we moved here in 1987 and it is only in the last few years that they have been a success.

And here is another picture of our grapes, aren't they pretty?

George is pouring me my 6 o'clock Campari (just a thimbleful, of course) so I had better go and cook him a meal, now he tells me that lunch was just a finger buffet! Poor man. Lamb chops are called for I think, quick and easy.


  1. Now your hare has MAGNIFICENT ears. Our dog Minnie has rather long ears and they're really expressive. When they stick up like that she's feeling quizzical I think.

    Lovely grapes!

  2. Oh, a six o'clock Campari sounds like a very civilised idea! I love your hare, he's a fine fellow indeed. Marvellous ears!

    We're thining about growing graopes on our allotment - well, hubby is - but I think they'll be blown away! Yours look very tempting.

  3. Your hare is wonderful! I'm on my second thimbleful of G & T tonight! I'll sleep well.