Tuesday, 8 September 2009

My garden

Oh, how I love my garden! What a glorious day it has been, really hot and a clear blue sky. I would not have wanted to be any where else in the world! How fortunate we are. The tall thin apple tree in the fore-

ground is a Ballerina and I originally grew it in a tub, but then I felt so sorry for it that I planted it in the garden and now it is laden with apples, nice rosy red ones. On the right are the blackberries over the arch -
you have to make the most of them because once the devil has ridden over them they all shrivel up and you cannot pick any more! I am fascinated by the nut trees. Today must have been nut dropping day, because I don't think I have ever picked up so many in such a short space of time. These are the ones I picked up after I had put the washing on the line -they were just lying on the grass. Goodness knows how many more are on the ground in the bushes and flower beds.
Then after lunch I did another trawl and look -
I found even more! I was laughing out loud, because as I walked around picking them up, I kept on hearing a soft 'plop' as another cluster hit the ground behind me. I like to take the husks off before I store them, it is so satisfying when they slide out of their covering because it means they are really ripe and there is a good nut inside. I put some under the gate in the fence for Brenda, she has only got a tiny patio garden and likes a visit from the nut fairy, or the blackberry fairy or whatever else I have a surplus of. So yes, it has been a good day although I didn't get any sewing done - it was far too nice to be indoors. Now I am feeling really guilty because I am busy, busy, busy for the next five days and I honestly cannot see me getting anything done before next week - and the Art Van Go exhibition is looming..... I shall be burning the midnight oil, methinks.

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  1. We had a very hot day at the exhibition in Cambridge but it looks great. Looking forward to MESCH!