Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

It seems only yesterday that we were celebrating the arrival of the Millennium and here we are ten years on! Where does the time go? In our younger days we used to always go to a fancy dress party but for the last 10 years or so we have been more than happy to settle for a nice grown up dinner party. There were five couples there last night, we all dress up - here you can see the rose between two very well dressed thorns - and we all make a contribution to the meal. Last year the party was at our house, this year at the house of a friend who revels in entertaining and goes to endless lengths and expense
to make everything cosy and welcoming. This was the table, you will notice that I am fascinated by table settings! I made a pavlova and as we only used half of it, this morning I squidged it all up and put it in a clingfilm lined loaf tin and stuck it in the freezer so it will see another day!
I shall call it raspberry meringue loaf.
We had a lovely evening sitting chatting with old friends we have known for 40 years - I cannot think of a better way of seeing in the New Year. We got to bed about 2.30 so were not up very early, but we have been for a walk (even if it was interrupted by a sherry stop with an old friend) and I am about to go and do some sewing so that is a good start.
Like Gina, we went to see Sherlock Holmes - a rattling good adventure but very violent. We combined the trip to the cinema with an expedition to buy a new dvd player and recorder which is now unpacked in the sittingroom, the only trouble is that we cannot understand the instructions ! HELP. SiL is still in Holland, next door neighbour is in New York, 13 year old grandson gone back to Market Drayton (guess what, this morning they had SNOW - he is very excited) so we are stuck. Maybe we just need to take the bull by the horns and plug it in and see what happens.
May I take this opportunity of wishing anyone who reads this blog a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Resolutions ? At my age I have accepted that they don't usually last beyond February but I WILL try to be tidier, drink less, walk more, and get on with some stitching. Now.


  1. Happy New Year Mavis. Looks like you had a wonderful evening.