Wednesday, 13 January 2010

MY chicken !

Everyone seems to have been showing photographs of their chickens in the snow. Well, not to be outdone, this is MY chicken in the snow. She's not a lot of bother, she just sits. Of course, the downside is that the sitting does not produce eggs but then I don't have to worry about

feeding her or putting her away at night in case a fox comes along! So I am very fond of her, especially as she was a present from DD2.

I have been trying to get some stitching done during the snowbound days - the exhibition at Cottenham Textiles in Focus is getting ever nearer - but it has been so cold I just couldn't get down to work. However, I've now had a couple of good days at the machine and have just finished stitching these little blue birds. I put a blue sheer under the Romeo and I am just

hoping and praying that when I dissolve the Romeo they will be OK to use on a big piece I am working on. They ARE supposed to look like cartoon bluebirds!

George and I are addicted to crosswords and always do the Telegraph cryptic at lunch time and I have to say that with two heads being better than one, we do usually finish it. But today we were very frustrated because there were a couple of clues we simply couldn't solve. So I shall take the paper off to the bath now and ponder whilst I soak.


  1. I do like your chicken... by I like the fact that mine give me eggs too!

  2. Passing through from a Google blog search for "cryptic crosswords" ....

    If you're Telegraph Crossword fans, you might like to take a look at this site:

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