Thursday, 18 February 2010

Textiles in Focus

I have been at Cottenham most of the day with the other members of MESCH setting up our exhibition - and very good it looks, too! Well, that's what we think. The theme was birds - hence the parrot in the cage, who is looking very annoyed because Madame has taken his best tail feathers for her hat and left him with a bedraggled tail. It is an extension of the 'When I am an old woman I shall wear purple' which I did in a much smaller scale for a recent birthday. In the centre of the room we have a large garden umbrella strung with birds - I will try and take a photograph of it tomorrow, I was so tired when we had finished covering the screens with calico and hanging the pictures that I forgot. Here are two

more birds - I really enjoyed sitting and doing a little gentle hand sewing after the intensity of machining this fellow strutting his stuff -

I am on duty for the next three days, I live closer than anyone else and I am sure I shall enjoy meeting all the people coming in. Will someone please tell me how to download a photograph so that it goes in the right spot ?! I have just decided to put in the photo of the lovely visitors book which Margaret Starr made for the group and the wretched thing has gone to the top of the page. Bother. So much to learn still!
Dear George, who spent the morning helping us set up, has gone out to a meeting. He took himself off for a proper lunch so did not need feeding this evening and we are out to dinner tomorrow - hurrah. So now I am going to sit down with my feet up and have a cup of coffee
and watch my Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.
I am really looking forward to this weekend!


  1. Your offline time sounded horrid Mavis - poor you! I'm glad you're back again. I am going to try very hard to nip over to see yourself and Gina on Sunday. It would be lovely to have a chat.

    I'm going to be a participating COS member this year - are you going to be listed too?

  2. It was lovely to see you on Friday Mavis. Super exhibition!

  3. It was lovely to meet you and I enjoyed your exhibition. The birds were a great ice-breaker