Monday, 22 February 2010


Well, we five MESCH members thoroughtly enjoyed our three days at Cottenham - and congratulations to Pauline Verrinder for pulling off another really successful event. It was lovely to meet so many old friends and to make new ones, and it was amazing how far some people had travelled to be there. Two intrepid ladies had come down especially from Edinburgh! This is our bird tree, Marian Murphy on the left, it caused a great deal of amusement and interest which was exactly what we wanted. And here is a picture of it at the end of the show when many of the birds had been sold, but you can see it more clearly against a blank background. Everyone was most complimentary about our little exhibition and said it was a breath of fresh air! I sold a picture and several other items which was good.

Of course, it goes without saying that we were exhausted by Sunday evening, both Vanda and Marian had tutored workshops, and it is surprisingly tiring to be standing and talking all day! I did a bit of retail therapy and bought one of the delightful African baskets - of course, I REALLY need another basket -but I know I shall enjoy this one. I would take a photo of it now, except that I know that when I download it it will mysteriously go to the top of the page and I shall have to start all over again. HOW do I get the darn thing to come in where I want it, like here :-
Anyway, meanwhile back in real life the bottling has taken place and the wine is really very palatable. The bottles had to soak in Campden tablets in my George's bath for a couple of days

but George and Brenda from next door have been over this evening and the bottling took place. Brenda and I kept well out of the way. The wine will be called Carlini - a cross between The Carlings and Meliniotis. And I think the label should show my mad old lady with the parrot superimposed over one of George's landscapes on the label, Brenda is working on it. The bottles have been removed to the garage and then in due course we have to carefully select those people who will come to a party and be privileged to drink it.
I am feeling really seriously depressed today, a combination of weather, tiredness, February etc.
And the knowledge that we have five weeks before our next exhibition at The Tavern Gallery in Meldreth. My get-up-and-go will have to get up and come pretty quickly if I am to deliver the goods. Onwards and upwards.

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  1. I hope you are feeling more cheerful soon Mavis.