Monday, 1 March 2010

Well, it was a funny old week, last week. I feel quite wrung out ! I was thoroughly fed up by Thursday, and then on Friday we had to brave the M25 to go to a funeral in Surrey which turned out to be a very odd affair - I understand that the will had upset the applecart. Honestly, families !!! But then things started to get better, on Saturday we drove up to Birmingham to hear Will play in another concert - an interesting programme of brass music, including Tam O'Shanter's ride by Dennis Wright and Glasnost by Dizzy Stratford, neither of which I knew, but both of which I enjoyed. All the family were there and Will had booked a table at a Nepalese restaurant where we had a very nice meal. Then we had to drive back to Cambridge through thick fog. Ugh. No chance of a lie-in as we had to be up early for church on Sunday morning, after which some friends came back to the house to sample our damson vodka and sloe gin. A little nap after lunch seemed a good idea. Then the lovely Brenda, who knew I had had a rough week, rang to ask us to join them for supper (which was roast pork) so Sunday was a good day as well.
Here are some of the bottles of Carlini wine - a lousy photograph but the wine is a lovely clear colour and actually tastes good. Brenda has designed some labels which we had a look at over dinner and we reckon we might be drinking it in a couple of months! What an achievement.
It has been a glorious day here - lovely sun shining on all the snowdrops and aconites blooming in the garden. I actually put sheets on the line and they dried - I do hate having to use the tumble dryer. I went out to lunch with some of the church ladies, we go and have a meal every time someone has a birthday, and now the husbands have decided they are not going to sit at home with baked beans so they meet up at another pub at the other end of the village. That's brilliant 'cos I didn't have to cook this evening!
I did some sewing this afternoon - I think the clue is 'Yee-haaa'
She has turned out to be quite a sturdy lass and is probably called MaryLou or SherriLee! I cannot decide whether to leave her as she is or paint her, like the old lady with the parrot. I quite like the simplicity of the brown stitch on the cream calico. I shall sleep on it.
Well, here we are in March already - I cannot believe it. One day of sunshine and you really do feel that spring might be in the air.


  1. Wasn't it gorgeous today? The fleeting warmth of the sun - such a treat!

    I think MaryLou looks like she'd be a lot of fun.

  2. Pleased you are feeling a bit brighter Mavis. The sunshine helps, doesn't it!

  3. The wine is looking good (despite the lousy photo!)well done! how many bottles did it produce?

  4. So far we have 20 bottles with another demijohn to decant - we are waiting for white wine bottles, so obviously have to up the alcohol intake. Just a thimbleful for me....