Sunday, 28 March 2010

Palm Sunday

A lovely day for our Palm Sunday service, with a visit from our very own donkey Noah seen in the middle of the picture - just above his head is the entrance to our drive - that is how close we are to the church. We all progressed round the church clutching our palm crosses and singing, the choir leading the way are usually about three verses ahead of us by the time we get back into church ! We left straight after communion to drive to Banbury for lunch in this delightful pub, lovely scenery all the way with the trees just bursting with buds and blossom, everywhere looking so fresh and green. Banbury Cross isn't a cross at all - I took this picture through the front windscreen of the moving car - not bad, eh? I am not sure whether it is one of the 'Eleanor' crosses (I shall have to look that up) but I do know that the original one was destroyed in 1602 and that this is a replica. I stitched all the way there and slept some of the way home!
We went out to dinner last night and were pretty late home so it was rather hard to get up this morning an hour earlier than usual - and isn't it amazing just how many clocks there are to alter in the house? I counted 10 clocks, then there is the cooker and microwave (I always have to look at the instruction book to find out how to alter the time) not to mention watches and the cars. My car is so difficult that it often just stays the same throughout the year and I have to make the necessary adjustment in my head. Keeps me on my toes.
Busy week this week, with the exhibition being set up on Wednesday - I hope to goodness my framing is ready in time - and the preview on Thursday then the family for Easter, church flowers and so on. Oh, and the lovely friend Sandra is coming up for the opening. I had better get in an early night whilst I can.


  1. My goodness Mavis, I think you're even closer to us than I thought you were - we met Noah the donkey at the Christmas tree festival last December!

  2. What time is the private view Mavis? Marian gave me an invite but I can't see a time on it... and I wouldn't want to miss it!