Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday - and a rather sad one for me as I didn't see either of my daughters - well, one of them IS up in Market Drayton and you can't exactly just pop in for tea. The poor girls must have an awful struggle buying a card for me, because they know that I would throw a wobbly if the card said 'MUM' ! On the odd occasion over the years they have had to resort to inserting '-MY' in biro. We went to church in the morning and the little children had, as usual, made these pretty nosegays and after they had presented them to their mothers they then ran round the church giving them to all the other ladies. For some reason I got very tearful, because it seems only yesterday that my two girls were doing that! Where have those years gone? We usually ask friends back for a drink after church but of course everyone was rushing off to have lunch with their families so we came home and had a stiff gin and then we had a second one! It was a drown your sorrows moment.
This morning we went to NADFAS in Churchill College - a very good lecture on Delacroix, Chopin and George Sand, three great Romantics of the 19th century. Fascinating. And this afternoon it was our book group when we discussed Vows of Silence by Susan Hill (we have just done a run of crime books) but we only gave it a seven - there seemed to be so many sub plots going on and so many dead bodies it was worse than Midsomer. The next one is Shattered by Dick Francis which should be a quick gallop of a read and then we go on to three historical novels. I have also just read The Impressionist by Hari Kunzru - an absolutely delightful book about an Anglo/Indian boy. It is funny and sad and very thought provoking, I loved it.
What WOULD we do without books?


  1. I always find it fascinating to see what other book groups are reading - your choices are very different from ours (though I would have happily swapped either of those you mentioned for some of our recent choices). I've suggested one for next month and I have to admit I'm feeling a bit nervous about it ...

  2. Just a polite note to 'she said' - presumably you read my blog in English, would it not be more considerate to write a comment in English? My reading of your symbols is not too good. Unless, of course, what you are writing is very rude......

  3. Mavis did you know George Crookenden in Nadfas? He was my neighbour until he passed away in 2005. What a wonderful man he was - like a surrogate grandfather. I still miss him.