Thursday, 4 March 2010

So much to do, so little time

We have just come back from the Preview evening of George Meliniotis's exhibition at The Tavern - and a very nice exhibitionit is too! I am accustomed to seeing his paintings as they evolve when I pop next door, but seeing them in a gallery situation is quite a different thing.Most impressive. Now my feet are getting even colder as I anticipate our MESCH Preview in one month's time! Here is MaryLou, or SherriLee as I think she will be, complete with freckles and the shadow of my camera -ooops. Not very professional. And this is another thing I have been working on - a Matisse-type portrait. This is stage one
and oh dear, even less professional, she is sideways on. And if I delete it and go back to my camera and turn it round, when I download it it will go to the top of the page and not here where I want it. PERLEEESE can someone tell me how to get the download where I want it in the text !!!

Anyway, you can see where it is going (sideways). I am in too much of a hurry to get the post done and get on with the Community Hall accounts, as we have a meeting tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Then Gardening Club AGM which I was going to give a miss, but have just had a telephone call urging me to go. Then a 'cinema evening' when we are going to watch The Time Traveller's Wife' at a friend's house with a takeaway. Friends coming to dinner on Saturday - cooking all day - and another friend's birthday lunch on Sunday.
And our exhibition opens on 1st April...........


  1. So much to do, so little time

    !!!! I know how you feel

    I've one day left to get all my wares ready for my stall on Saturday and two illustration deadlines on Monday - AAAAAAGH!

    Don't panic! Deep breath!


  2. Hi Mavis, you can click and drag your pictures into the position you want but I sometimes find it difficult to do that. The easiest way for me is too uplaod the pictures in the reverse order that I want them to appear and then write the text around them. I keep a separate folder for blog photos and do all my editing before I upload them.

  3. Thanks for the tips - Must Try Harder !

    As for the deep breaths, a bit of yoga breathing might come in handy, unblocking my chakra !

  4. Hi Mavis
    Hope you enjoy the Time Travellers Wife - I read the book and surprisingly I wasn't disappointed when I saw the film. As for your photos - I used to have trouble, but if you download the new version of Blogger (which only takes a minute or two) it makes it much easier. you load all the photos up together, in any order, then when you want to add a picture you click on the picture link, click on the picture you want and there it is. You can then decide Right, Left or Centre and the size. Hope that helps
    Gill x

  5. OK, brilliant, but where do I find the new version of Blogger - I am such a wuss I looked at my 'account' to see if I could find a button for an update and then went to Google Blog but got blogged down with all the options. It sounds a great solution.

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