Saturday, 13 March 2010

Snowdrops and Vincent

Until last year I had a veritable carpet of snowdrops, a delicious spread of brave little white heads in the grass under the trees where I could see them from the kitchen window. The -----squirrels have systematically rooted them up in their quest for the nuts they buried in the autumn. They have NO idea where they put the nuts, they just roam all over the garden digging here, there and everywhere in the hope that somewhere along the line they might unearth something. In the process they dig up all the bulbs and leave them lying on top of the soil, with their poor little green tips of shoots going nowhere. Stupid animals - rats with fluffy tails and good publicity, Beatrix Potter has a lot to anwer for So now I do not have a carpet, nor even a rug, but I do have clumps here and there and I still have a nice variety of flowers, open, closed, double, spotted, tall and short - what a joy they are.
And the hellebores too, are doing well - it is amazing just how much there is in the garden at the moment even though it is still so cold.

GUESS WHERE WE'VE BEEN !!! That's right - yesterday we went up to London to see the wonderful, magnificent, superb Vincent Van Gogh exhibition at the Royal Academy. What a feast for the eyes - it took us over two hours to go round, there is so much to see and read, for of course his letters to his brother Theo are all there with delightful little sketches of the paintings he had just done. Little works of art on their own. It was quite overwhelming to see so much of his work all gathered together and so well displayed -we enjoyed it so much, despite the crowds. My lovely friend Sandra works at the RA as a volunteer and we met up with her after
we had been round and went off for a much needed pot of tea with scones! Sandra says that every time she goes on duty she goes back to gaze at her favourite canvases. Which to choose though, if you could take just one home with you! Anyway, I bought the catalogue and I cannot wait to sit down and have a good old read. We then went on to have a very good Chinese meal and finally got home at about ten o'clock exhausted but very happy! I do love a day in London but I am always so happy to get back home!
Now then, Vintage Rock Chick, you said I could upload the new version of Blogger but I am such a wimp that although I have searched I cannot find this 'ere facility. What do I do? Where is it hiding?

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  1. Lovely snowdrops even if they have been reduced to a clump by those pesky squirrels! Lucky you to have seen the Van Gogh. We saw a lot of the paintings and letters when we were in Amsterdam a few years back but I'd love to see them again.