Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I have often sewn Elvis, with varying success and mostly on postcards - but isn't it always the same, when you really want something to come out well it just does not go right? This is how it is looking, the cleft in the chin is all wrong and if I try to unpick it the satin will mark. Bother and double bother.
This is the sketch I am working towards. I've a good mind to put sunglasses on him then I won't have to wrestle with the eyes! Some years ago I did a series of six pieces based on music and they all sold except one, so I thought if I did another musical picture they would make a pair, hence the Elvis idea.

Maybe Beethoven or Chopin would have been a better bet!
My lovely friend Sandra came for the weekend and we had such a good time, especially on Monday when we went into Cambridge and had a bit of retail therapy. I bought a really nice linen skirt and jumper which I really, really needed and two T-shirts in a sale. She came up to see George Meliniotis's exhibition at The Tavern Gallery and then in the evening George and Brenda came in for supper so we had a very arty weekend. Sandra is a botanical artist and does delightful paintings of flowers and vegetables - if I were a bit more clever I would be able to give you a link to her photos - maybe when the grandsons are here at Easter I shall pick their brains!
Speaking of grandchildren, I have just been talking to Junior Grandson who linked me to the Facebook of Senior Grandson where I saw photographs of him with a green face and a bright green colander on his head??? Master's degree in Engineering? Funny way of going about it!
It has been a beautiful day today, the garden is full of buds now and we can really imagine spring is on the way. Daffodils, hyacinths, hellebores, snowdrops and crocus, even the pulmonaria is in bloom now. As soon as this exhibition is launched, I must get out there with a trowel.
Hey ho, back to Elvis.

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