Monday, 14 June 2010

Busy weekend

I have to admit that I am glad that this weekend is over ! It was a busy week altogether as on Wednesday George had his Rotary Kids Out when they entertained some 120 disabled children for the day at Wimpole Hall.  I and a couple of other Inner Wheel ladies did the packed lunches in the morning and fortunately the day stayed dry until George came home - with an painted face of course.  It is jolly hard work but he loves doing it every year, the children enjoy it so, with kite flying, clowns,  miniature train, bouncy castle etc and a visit to the Home Farm.

On Thursday Anthony Green invited us to go to the Buyers Private View at the Summer Exhibition (not that we are in a position to buy anything, I hasten to say, either financially or space-wise) and we thoroughly enjoyed it after  not having been for 4 or 5 years.  It had become such a  splash and daub show - in MY opinion!  But this year it was better, very well hung  and there was some very interesting work.  I especially liked the gorilla made out of coat hangers - such a clever idea.  But my friend next door was turned down again for the third year and I honestly could not, looking round, see how his pictures were inferior or less desirable than much of the work on the walls.  There was a print in the small gallery by a certain lady and it was covered in red dots but it was, again in my opinion, downright ugly and rather nasty but she is a NAME!  And as for her big piece of work....well, dear old Brian Sewell made his views plain!   We met up with  dear friend Sandra who is a volunteer at the RA and went out for a meal together which was fun.

On  Saturday we had a  Safari Supper in aid of our lovely Community Hall behind the church, now two years old.    It was a lot of hard work making sure that no one met the same people at each course but a good friend helped me  and quite a lot of wine facilitated the planning and it was a great success. We all met up at the Hall for cheese and coffee at the end and everyone was still chatting away until nearly midnight!  It is the third year running that I have done this and each year it grows a little as people realise what fun it is.

 We saw  Sandra again  when she came up to see our Open Gardens on Sunday (she is a very keen gardener and also a volunteer at Kew, a lady of many talents) which George organised in aid of the church.  I was busy in the Hall taking the money for the teas but I did manage to slip away and see a couple of gardens with Sandra -

this one is Angela's and was delightfully neat - puts my garden to shame - and this one

is a little corner of Anita's
garden, a tiny garden but just packed with interest.  At the end of the day all 10 of the garden owners and their partners came back to our house for a glass of bubbly and some nibbles and we did a post mortem on the day.  Why didn't we have so many people going round?  Was it the weather or the world cup? Should we hold it at a different time of the year?

Sandra is good at telling me what I should do and I MUST TIDY MY SEWING ROOM and throw away a LOT OF STUFF.   Yes, Sandra, I do know that, but it is very hard.  I am going to make a start tomorrow.....


  1. You both deserved to put your feet up and enjoy a large G&T after all that work!!!

    (I know how you feel) But it's Saffron Walden open Studios this weekend - no slacking for me until that's over too.

    I'm afraid Mr Sewell makes my hackles rise (even when I sometimes agree with him a little tiny bit!)


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