Sunday, 27 June 2010

Happy birthday to me

It was my birthday this week and I had a new camera!   There was nothing wrong with my trusty old Pentax but the sexy new  red Sony Cybershot was on offer and eldest grandson is hanging his nose over the Pentax so we shall all be happy.  I have  had a lovely week, I think I only had to cook one meal - how about that!  Had a glorious day with my Mesch companons in Marian's lovely romantic garden and she made Delia's Morroccan cous cous & roasted vegetables for lunch - delicious.  And we caught up with all the news which was great.
I had loads of cards - this one was from dear Sandra - one of her watercolour paintings of a 'Paphiopedilum' which she did at Kew where she is a volunteer. (I only know that because it is written on the back!)   It is exquisite.  We had a meal with Brenda & George next door, sitting in the garden until late and watching the huge yellow moon come up - very Van Gogh.  Then we went out with friends who were celebrating their wedding anniversary,   and we were out to lunch today with friends - this is a very sociable village! Of course,  none of this has done my waistline any good at all.  However, I still managed to do the splits on my birthday although I must confess it is getting more difficult to get up again  !

My garden is looking beautiful at the moment and the smells are divine.  We are having to water pots and vegetables but the rest of the flowers just have to cope with the weather.  I hope it is still looking good for Open Studios for which, of course, I am working hard at the moment.  Yes, I know I have left it all a bit late and working in this heat is not good.   It's my own fault.

I took some beautiful photos of roses and put them on to Picassa but I just couldn't down load them onto the Blog - these photos come straight from the camera.  I shall have to do a bit more research!  It is too hot and too late to struggle with it now.  We really appreciate the trees all around our garden as we can always find some shade.
Speaking of computer problems, does any one else get these irritating comments in some outlandish hieroglyphics?   I suspect it is Japanese and I thought they were supposed to be very polite people, but I think it is extremely rude to write something which you know perfectly well cannot be understood.  I don't want it to be translated as I have a feeling  it is nasty - otherwise they would write in English!!!  I don't always get the little dustbin symbol up - any answers?

Junior grandson has just come back from a school trip to Berlin - and he told me that he brought back a vuvuzela with a German flag on it!  I do hope he doesn't bring it down with him next weekend.

I am struggling with our Book Group choice this month - Susan Gregory 'The Hand of Justice'    I was really looking forward to reading it as it is set in 13th century Cambridge and it has a map in the front! I have always loved books with a map -  must be memories  of Milly Molly Mandy.    I am off to bath and bed now and will try to read another chapter, it must be the heat putting me off.      


  1. H Mavis - good luck with Open Studios - I'll try to call in to see you.

    If you are signed in to Blogger you should get the dustbin symbol and be able to delete the spam comments (I get flurries of them now and again) - choose 'delete forever' when you do delete them.

    Have fun with that new camera.


  2. Happy Birthday Mavis. Good luck with Open Studios... I'm nowhere near ready!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    I get those messages too, I've started to moderate my comments on my blog after 2 days, they usually dont appear for a few days. They are Chinese and I've translated the one you have on your previous blog, it says 'Anticipates your each article' whatever that means? You can translate using
    I used Simple Chinese to English. It did start to drive me nuts, hope this helps.

  4. Hi Miriam - thankyou for that ! Very useful. I was afraid that the comment was rude but why on earth don't they use English, they must understand it to read it.
    I, too, just love quilting and have a number of UFO's waiting for me....

  5. I would love to see you Celia at OS and was so disappointed I did not get to see you. I do not always seem to get the dustbin sign but will remember the 'delete forever' bit.

  6. A belated Happy Birthday and good luck with Open Studios! I see your 'friend' is back ... I think it's an automated spam machine though :-(

  7. I am SO late to this Mavis - it's a teeny bit hectic here. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

    I'm not sure which OS weekends you are doing but I think we're both open this weekend coming. I then do the 4th. If you're open the third week I'd love to come along. It was so exciting to see your name in the guide!