Sunday, 4 July 2010

Down by the riverside

We've been to Henley - AGAIN!   57th consecutive year, I think - do we get a medal?  Geoge is a member of Henley Stewards and of Remenham Club and it is a foregone conclusion at the beginning of the year that come hell or high water, we shall be at the Regatta.  This year it was HOT.  I took my new camera and took 126 photos but somewhere along the line  I have managed to do something that will not allow me to put them on the Blog - I am still on a learning curve with this one.  Every year we have a photograph taken in front of these roses - I have a picture of me very pregnant with DD1 and the rose bush comes up to my knees - it was newly planted.  Look at it now!

We had a delicious lunch in the marquee - DD2 and DD1 looking very serious, I am really cross I cannot download the good ones, these are from the discard pile!  We drank lots of Pimms and caught up with all the gossip from friends we have not seen since last July.

At one time it was all too much for William !
At the end of the day we retreated to the Hillside behind Remenham Club and had a barbecue until the darkness fell and then at ten o'clock the fireworks started, the river filled up with boats and there was a wonderful atmosphere.  Then began the long trail home......

I was very good and stitched all the way down in the car, anxious not to waste any time because of course next week it is Open Studios.  Today I managed to slip away for an hour to visit Gina Ferrari's O.S.  This was a mistake, because it made me realise just how much I have to do between now and next Saturday.  And by the time the family had left at 6 and we had supper and then Brenda and George came from next door for a drink and to tell us all about getting caught up in the Gay Pride march in London yesterday, well, now it is time for bed!
Gina's work is beautiful,  artistic, appealing, colourful and so well executed.  And her studio is SO TIDY!  If you have the COS brochure and are in the area, do try to get to see her, her sketchbooks alone are worth the visit..  I am hoping  to get to see Emma Mitchell during the 4th weekend - one of the disadvantages of having your own open studio is that you cannot get around to see other people, but I am only doing weekends 2 and 3 so will have the last weekend free.

What a lovely weekend (must try to download the picture of Jeremy in Sarah's hat !)


  1. You look so beautiful and elegant dressed up for Henley. Thank you for the kind comments about Open Studios - I know you have nothing to worry about next week because you make beautiful work.

  2. Hope OS goes well - sadly we're away both your weekends but I'll be helping Emma on the Sunday of the 4th weekend so may see you then?!