Sunday, 11 July 2010

Open Studios

All they had to do was  walk up the drive..........
Follow the bunting......
into the garden.........and there is my studio (well, my conservatory) all ready with ice cold drinks and mint imperials
and me with a smiling face eager to show everyone what I do......
then follow a bit more bunting across the garden and round behind the summerhouse through  a gate into George Meliniotis's studio......
where he was waiting with a smiling face to show all his lovely paintings.......

so where were all the people ?

I know it was very, very hot.  And we did have one or two lovely visitors (faithful old friends and a few  brave strangers) but on the whole it was like watching paint dry for two whole days!  Most disappointing.  We are open again next weekend and if it is cooler we MAY have more people but perhaps we are just too far out from  the centre of Cambridge.   One picture proved very popular and I NEARLY sold it three times, one woman wanted to know if my sunhats were for sale and another wanted to know if I had made the glass tea light  holders and how much were they!  Dear friend Sandra came up from London to lend a hand but in fact there was nothing to do although on  the positive side we did have lots of time to talk, and she did do a lovely watercolour of one of my plants, and we did have a rather convivial evening with George and Brenda and some other friends sitting in the lovely balmy evening.  And I was able to sit  with my feet up and read all the newspapers so perhaps it wasn't a complete washout......... 


  1. Oh dear... but I think it was the same everywhere Mavis. My friend in the village only had 8 visitors on Saturday. Let's hope it picks up a little next weekend!

  2. It all looks so lovely... and well done for making the most of the lack of visitors. Looks like we're all feeling the results of tough times... and scorching weather!

    I have to admit to chilling out after a hectic week...

    Best wishes

  3. Oh sorry it was a bit quiet. I had a few visitors from the pub across the road - the heat though! Sheesh.

    Fingers crossed for more visitors next weekend. I am hoping to come along.

  4. I'm sorry you didn't have a great weekend - we were away and will be away for your next ine so I'm sad to miss you :-(

    Hope this weekend picks up for you.