Sunday, 25 July 2010

Five star weekend !

I've just had a really good weekend!  Starting on Friday evening when we went to dinner with some friends in the village and got into very deep philosophical discussions about God and creation and the universe.  We decided we should form the Alternative Discussion Society - but that has rather unfortunate initials.  Calling ourselves the Melbourn Alternative Discussion Society made us The MADS and that was even worse so we abandoned the idea!  But it was a fun evening.
And on Saturday we launched the CARLINI LABEL!   Our very own wine.  Organised in a kick and a rush because the weather was going to be fine, George and Brenda invited a group of friends and so did we.     I had both the grandsons staying so they were
roped in, putting up the bunting and getting out tables and chairs and so on.  George-Next-Door put together a spoof presentation to show how the grapes were collected and trodden - here is Will at the practice run through  holding an umbrella up over the computer to keep the sun off the screen - very technical stuff.   Everyone arrived at 6.30 and my George made a little speech before giving everyone a glass of the liquid nectar.  Well, the wine.  It tasted a lot better as a component of a jug of Sangria but as it had a very high alcohol level we were all quickly in the party mood.  Brenda and I had rustled up a buffet and the evening was so warm that we sat in the garden until midnight.  Our lovely friends were very kind about our baby, but we did notice practically everyone brought with them a bottle of  'proper' wine to fall back on.

So this morning we didn't go to church because there was a MAMMOTH  clearing up job to do.  We had all the glasses to wash by hand because they wouldn't go in the dishwasher, and the garden to clear up and   I have a washing machine full of stuff and loads of china to put away.   But we all had a good time so it was worth the effort.
THEN this afternoon I left the boys watching the Grand Prix and drove over to see Silver Pebble's Open Studio - and what did I find ?  Not only Silver Pebble but Dottie Cookie!  Two for the price of one - but it got better.  Shortly after I arrived who should appear but Purple Podded Peas!   What joy - to meet three of my favourite bloggers in one fell swoop.   Emma's jewellery was just delightful and several pieces were purchased whilst I was there including two of the Gina/Emma Hellebore brooches.  We sat in the pretty garden chatting over a cup of tea and then the two adorable little pebbles arrived, I just wanted to eat them up.  We got one of Emma's customers to take a photograph - here we are -
  It was SO nice to meet you all and thank you so much for making me so welcome!  You three and the two little girls made my five star  weekend.


  1. Wasn't that amazing serendipity that we all arrived at Emma's at the same time. And wasn't it the perfect tea party in Emma's garden!

    Lovely to meet you at last.

  2. It all sounds absolutely delightful!

  3. It really was the most perfect afternoon - and I'm so glad to have met you at last!

  4. Wasn't it fun? Thankyou so much for trekking all that way. It was such a treat to meet you mAvis!