Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A day at the seaside !

Junior grandson is staying with us for a few days so today we went to the seaside.  He is a bit old for a bucket and spade but did enjoy fish and chips from the famous shop in Aldeburgh - all the better for being eaten from the paper.  Delicious.
Then he was exhausted and had to have a rest !
But later he redeemed himself by finding THREE  hagstones (in case you don't know, these are stones with a hole going right through the middle) and we actually saw this post in a garden near the beach with a whole string of hagstones.  They are supposed to keep witches at bay!

Then we saw the lovely scallop shell by Maggi Hambling, it is incredibly beautiful and moving - the inscription is from Benjamin Britten's 'Peter Grimes'   I hear the voices that will not be drowned...
I was amused by these knees which were just visible from where I stood at the top of the beach.  I suppose they did have bodies.

Then we motored to Thorpeness and then on to Southwold for tea - and the sun shone all the time and it was warm and windy.  I really  feel that I have had all the cobwebs blown away with a breath of sea air.    We came home and Grandad and Jeremy had sausage and mash  (yes, still hungry after the fish and chips) in the garden and now we are going for a late evening walk to see the noctilucent clouds which should be visible all this week.  I saw them Monday and Tuesday but they were not very spectacular - it is clearer tonight so I am hoping for better results.


  1. I do love a trip to Aldeburgh, especially if it involves fish and chips!

  2. Ah! Aldeburgh... one of my very favourite places!

  3. Sounds like you've been refreshed by the sea air!

    I had to look up what noctilucent clouds are - now I want to see them too.