Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Japanese Fashion

I have just had a wonderful day in London with the lovely Sandra - we went to the Barbican to see 'Future Beauty - 30 years of Japanese Fashion'   It was Fab-yew-lusssss.

We had an opportunity to natter and catch up and of course  a delicious lunch as well.  There was a graduation ceremony going on for Kings College students and there was good old Ede & Ravenscroft of Cambridge (and London  and Oxford)  est. 1689 or thereabouts, hiring out all the robes!

Some of the Japanese clothes were seriously wierd and I cannot honestly say that I could see myself walking down Kings Parade in anything on show, but it was all interesting - especially the Issey Miyake origami clothes.   I wish I could have taken a photograph of those - the dresses all packed down into flat 2'  folded squares.   Some very clever digital photography showed how they morphed into garments.

Photography not strictly allowed and I had just sneaked this picture when my batteries ran out so that was poetic justice!  Anyway, a most interesting and exciting show and you have until the 6th February to see it.  There was one dress made from TWENTY layers of fabric!  Paper and plastic dresses and a wonderful theatre coat completely covered in polystyrene beads.  Many thanks, Gina, for pointing me in the direction of this exhibition !
Off now to the Church Womens Group AGM - my life is one long round of pleasure.  It is Burns Night - should I wear my Angus sash?


  1. Wooo lucky you!

    I'm in awe of Issey Miyake's designs! In the 80s I used to buy the Issey Miyake dress making patterns from Vogue - and yes I made and wore them!

    The fabric shapes were like nothing else I'd stitched before - garment making from a completely different cultural base.

    I'd love to wear the suit in you photo!


  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed the show. I'm wondering if I can fit in another visit before it closes.