Sunday, 23 January 2011

Nearly through January!

I have just finished knitting two scarves in Can-Can - a very curious yarn which I bought at the K & S show.  It said 'instructions inside the band' but they were as much use as a chocolate fireguard and if it had not been for a very useful clip on You Tube I would never have worked out how to use it.
But with only 7 stitches to a row it grew very quickly and I got two scarves out of  each ball.  I know that Margaret Starr has made some and will be selling them at Scotsdales Craft Fair next weekend.  George and I went to Scotsdales on Friday - he wanted to buy an axe for splitting logs as he had broken the old one.  We looked good at the checkout - me still sporting a black eye from the biopsy on my cheek and him hefting an axe.  I was surprised they sold it to him, we must have looked like a domestic violence event waiting to happen.

That evening we had a flower demonstration by Nick Grounds to raise money for our forthcoming flower festival.  He did some spectacular arrangements and was very amusing.  But oh, how irritated I got during the evening looking at those dreadful curtains.  (It wasn't held in OUR village hall, but in Meldreth I am pleased to say!)  We had lots of lovely nibbles and hot punch and hopefully raised lots to buy the flowers.  

It has been a miserable week but I ventured out into the garden one day and saw the thatchers at work in the cottage at the end of our garden.  What a job on a damp, cold day!  I am so pleased it is being done because it has been swathed in blue plastic for the last year and will look splendid when it is finished.  What craftsmen they are!  And the dear little cottage looks just like a teacosy.  When I went out into the garden I saw that spring is indeed on the way -
the aconites are through and so are the hellebores, very late this year.  To church this morning and George and I both reading - I warned the vicar that each time I read this year I want to use the King James version - it is such beautiful language.  But when I looked at  my piece from Isiah this morning it was virtually double dutch so I reluctantly read the modern version.  What a shame! Then we went out to lunch with friends and she had cooked (wait for it) roast lamb, roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips, sprouts, peas, cauliflower in white sauce followed by B & B P (bread and butter pudding made with brioche not bread, yummy)  Well, after all that effort it would have been very rude not to eat  heartily, wouldn't it?  So now I feel stuffed and uncomfortable and guilty.
No Zen tonight !!  Boo hoo.


  1. I keep looking at those CanCan scarves and I can't work it out at all! I had grilled fish with vegetables for my tea last night... and no chocolate muffin... been eating like that all week and I still haven't lost a pound.

  2. I have just knitted a Can Can scarf and agree with you that you need to watch a video of the instructions. Love the finished result!