Monday, 11 October 2010

Ally Pally

On Saturday I set off at 7.30 for my annual 'fix' at the Knitting and Stitching Show.  First thing on arrival was a cup of coffee - boy, was it 'orrid.   Someone told me later that there was a better coffee spot inside - I'm very fussy about my coffee!  Anyway, I sat and read the programme and planned my day.  I didn't have anything to buy (I could certainly stock one if not two stands with all my  stuff) but inevitably I managed to spend money. As usual all the exhibitions were exciting and inspiring - I particularly liked Dierdre Hawken's fantastic miniature hats!   I didn't take photographs  because I don't really think it is fair on the artist.  But I was amazed when Dierdre recognised me from a workshop I did with her some 10 or 12 years ago!  What a memory.  I had a lovely  chat with Lizzie Houghton the felt maker - I have done several courses with her including a wonderful hat-making course.  Such a nice lady.  I lust after one of her jackets....  I had no scruples about taking a photograph at the Art Van Go stand - here is the wonderful Ruth Issett up to her elbows in paint as usual -
 The Queen of Colour, I call her.  It is so appropriate that she has those vibrant streamers over her head!
Art van Go have had  two big stands for the last couple of years and they were busy, busy, busy. Good to see that Kevin was working hard -

I couldn't get near Viv because she was under a pile of customers!  The graduate shows were exciting as was the retrospective of Julia Caprara's work and Margaret Nicholson's or nue.  I looked in at the Chat exhibition, I was a founder member of that group and it was good to see some of  them again.  I really liked the knitted wire corsets.  I bumped into lots of people I knew and at lunch time sat with some very friendly ladies from Kent.    Talking of Ladies,  I DO wish all the ladies loos were not on the first floor, after several hours trawling around the stands to climb up all those stairs is a real pain!  The Global Paper Exhibition was terrific   - in fact there was SO much to see.

I got home at about 7 to find that George had all ready gone out to our dinner date with friends, so I had to do a quick change and follow him.  After we had eaten we played cards - I don't know HOW I kept awake!    AND we had to be up early to 'sidle' in church Sunday morning.  But Sunday was a perfect day - we had lunch in the garden and this was the sky -

over my head as I sat and ate my lunch - not bad for the 10th day of the 10th month, 2010  !


  1. Gosh you packed a lot in!

    The weather is usually reliable for the second weekend in October - that's when we were married (our anniversary is tomorrow) and we've always celebrated in sunshine!

  2. I was working on Art Van Go's stand on Friday. It was non stop all day and we didn't even manage a sandwich until 3 pm (while still working!) It was great fun though.

  3. what a busy day - I don't know how you managed to go out in the evening! and church on Sunday - bet it wasn't 8 0 clock! - you haven't shown us what you bought!