Sunday, 17 October 2010

Diaghilev at the V & A

On Thursday I went up to London to meet my good friend Sandra at the V & V to see the Diaghilev exhibition.  It was BRILLIANT.   I just loved it - every minute of it, and in fact we spent 3 1/2 hours going round so we certainly got our money's worth !   Fortunately, Sandra is just like me and  reads everything, I don't think we missed a single item.
The cover of the exhibition notes shows costumes designed by Chanel, they were there on display alongside costumes from so many ballets, The Rite of Spring, The Fire Bird, etc. etc.  Bearing in mind the fact that they had been danced in (strenuously) and were about 100 years old, they were all in remarkably good condition.  I r4esisted taking photographs until the very end when I sneaked this photo 
of modern haute couture which had been inspired by the ballet.  I was completely overwhelmed by the  films being shown and by the enormous  stage backcloths which the V & A had bought back in the 60's.  In fact, it would appear that most of the exhibits were from the V & A itself and not on loan.  I always look for the provenance of the piece - it is interesing to see who owns these  pieces of history. I was particularly taken with a small drawing by Picasso of Leonide Massine, a wonderful example of a pure pencil line.   I bumped into Gina - or rather, she prodded me having recognised my backside !  She was there with her mother and I felt certain that we would see them again in the cafe, but we had obviously been so long in our examination of every single item that they had long gone!  Did Gina, I wonder, indulge in one of these:-
When we emerged blinking from the last room, Sandra asked me what I thought the time was.  It was 3.30 and I just knew that I was not going to make the train home (the one that stops me turning into a pumpkin) so there was nothing for it but to have afternoon tea and do a bit of shopping in the excellent V & A shop.   Sandra bought a beautiful brooch, expensive but I know she won't regret it!  Then I wended my way over to St Pancras where I wasted an hour  having a drink and window shopping before going to Kings X and the 7.18 home.  Dear George was waiting for me, had put the meal in the oven and lit the fire - what a lovely end to a perfect day.

Friday and Saturday nights we went out to dinner with friends so it has been quite nice to have a slummocky Sunday.  Yesterday we had a tree taken down
It was a self sown ashtree which had been a real nuisance, three times we haave had it topped and it has grown again so quickly. 
Just think how many lovely logs that will provide for the winter !

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