Sunday, 31 October 2010

Half Term

We have had our daughter and junior grandson staying for a few days.   It is jolly hard persuading ticket people that this hulking great lad is still only 13 - 14 next week, actually.  One day we went to
Ely Cathedral.  It was a glorious day as you can see - not a cloud in the sky. I let him loose with my camera and he took quite a lot of good photographs.  This is the great Lantern
and I love this mediaeval corbel

As we live in the Diocese of Ely we have a free pass  - it is known locally as the Ship of the Fens because when the mists roll around at ground level the cathedral floats like a majestic ship, it must have been really awe-inspiring to the local folk in days gone by.  It still impresses us now!  We went to the Oliver Cromwell museum -
 where Oliver and Elizabeth seem quite sanguine about having another son.  I am a real pain, because I don't lose a single opportunity to drum in  a history lesson.  History isn't really his subject - he is keen on physics and maths just like his older brother.  George took him to see a rugby match between Cambridge University and Cardiff - that was much more to his liking.  We were going up to the Tower of London but actually had a day in Cambridge instead at his request.   On Wednesday we went to Anglesey Abbey - another lesson about Hobson (of Hobson's choice fame) who was the first secular owner of the house after the Dissolution of the Monasteries.
The grounds were looking wonderful with the rich autumn colours and we walked along to Lode Mill where some delightful N.T. volunteers, seeing how interested we were, started the mill up for us and gave us a very interesting tour .  Of course I had to buy some flour so I'm looking forward to making the next loaf.  Needless to say food was involved and we had a super cream tea, why is National Trust food always so delicious?
I was sad to see them go back up to Stafford on Thursday morning but the Sawston Rotary Wives had a tour of Chilford Vineyard and a wine tasting followed by lunch so that helped to fill the void.  Last night we went to a BRILLIANT concert run by George's Rotary Club - Rave On did a tribute to Buddy Holly ( or Buddy Holliday as George kept on saying - he is very square).  The concert was a sell out and the
band was terrific, we were all  bopping in our seats and then dancing in the aisles  as they stormed into Peggy Sue,  Blue Suede Shoes, and so on.  Shades of my youth.  We were all exhausted at the end.
So have I done any stitching, ask the other members of MESCH?  Well, no.  But I am doing a lot of thinking and at the moment I am going to sit in front of the fire making gift tags for the Church Bazaar.  50p for 10 - a bargain.

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